Award winning photographer Steven Vigar was born and raised in Alberta, Canada where he studied photographic technology and awarded Top Student Portfolio and Thesis at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is a photo journalist for the Taipei Times and founder of Up Against The Wall Asia, Taiwan's premiere fashion and commercial photography outfit. Vigar is based out of Taipei, Taiwan  working freelance for several publications. Vigar's most recent work can be found with Nike, Greenpeace, Redbull, and Waakao (where he was voted Taiwan's top photographer). Vigar specializes in documentary, travel and fashion. He is available for editorial, commercial and advertising work. For more information on licensing an image, scheduling an assignment or for a quote on commissioning, please contact for rates.

Steven Vigar believes in the safety of the life preserver. 

榮獲最高殊榮的攝影師 Steven Vigar,加拿大愛德蒙吞人,畢業於艾伯特北區攝影理工學院。曾擔任 The Nugget 報社攝影編輯,也定期為Firstlight Associated Photographers 拍攝作品。目前在台灣旅遊,此外也在多個出版社自由發行作品。他大部分近期的作品可以在 Taipei Times, Adbusters, JPG, Taiwan Photographers and Waakao 網站上看到。Vigar 擅長拍記錄寫實照片、旅遊照和肖像特寫照...等。他很樂意接恰出版社攝影編輯、肖像照及廣告的拍攝關於更多影像權轉讓的資訊 以及工作安排, 酬勞報價, 請不吝與我聯繫,會有專人幫你服務。謝謝。

Steven Vigar Photography / Up Against The Wall 

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Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 108 (Map)

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